Friday, 29 June 2012

Tips 'n trics #2 Picasion

#2 Picasion

Ever wondered how you can create your own animated pics for your blog? Picasion is the answer! * Go to this, quite ugly, site and upload your photos or designs. You can upload maximum 10 photos. * Choose your size ( for my posts I use 450 pixels, for the sidebar 200 pixels), and speed * Create the animation* This was easy right? Ok, next step. * Copy the HTML code *

Then you have two options: Animation for your blogpost or for your sidebar.
Blogpost: Write a new post * Paste your HTML code * 
Sidebar: Go to your blogger dashboard, find your layout button. * Add a gadget * HTML / Javascript * Paste your HTML code * Save * Drag your gadget where ever you want * 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

HEMA Tape It

Finally! You don't need to spend a lot of money on tape anymore. At the HEMA stores you can find lot's and LOT'S of fun and, very important, cheap tape... You have to be quick though, these little friends are very popular. Let the fun begin!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My passion for textile

A beautiful little movie about the Audax Textile museum in Tilburg. My heart is still glowing after seeing all these images of fabric, embroideries, weaving techniques, colourful wool, textile design and the impressive mueseum. I graduated in textile design and have a BIG passion for it. And somehow I lost it a bit in my work... Never too late to change. So I decided to write the museum an email yesterday. Very impulsive, I like J! Hopefully I can help them on different project as a volunteer. Keep you posted :)

Have a look around in my house

When you have an eye for details you can learn so much about a person, a city, nature, actually anything... Somehow I watch the world in snapshots and I'm always surprised by what I see. Canal houses with beautiful tiles, birds in a tree, clouds in a heart shape, prints, colour combinations, embroideries, flowers  on the roadside, family pictures with a story... Here some snapshots of my own house. Have a look around and see what I am, love, like and do! 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Crafty grandmothers: keep up the good work!

This post I dedicate to my lovely grandmother and all the other crafty grandmothers in the world: keep up the good work!! Thank you for making beautiful handmade products for so many years. Look at these embroidered birdies. Probably an old lady somewhere in Denmark made it in a big puffy flower printed chair watching tennis in the meantime. I always feel a bit sorry when I find beauties like these, dumped in a box full of blankets, table cloths and napkins some where on a flea market...

Friday, 22 June 2012

Movie must see: Moonrise Kingdom

If you like pretty colours, fashion from the 60's, vintage, design, patterns, little details, inspiring decor, costums, art, fantasy, composition, nice music, humor and the "follow your dreams" mentality... you definitely should see the latest movie of Wes Anderson: Moonrise Kingdom. I LOVED it and I'm so inspired!!

{ Suzy collage by Lox Papers}

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pretty packaging

Sometimes I'm dreaming about having my own shop. And in this shop you'll only find pretty packaged products. I came across these lovely juice bottles made by Soebogaard in Denmark. A Danish organic farm founded in 1976. They probably never changed their packaging ever since  These cuties would definitely be in my shop! Have a look on their very quirky website. You are met by a donkey sound when you enter the page :)

Monday, 18 June 2012

Snapshots of a colourful house

I made some little snapshots in the Rice mansion last week. I love staying there, everything is so colourful, made with love & care and it immediately gives you a happy homey feeling! A lovely mix of little souvenirs, antique, seasonal Danish flowers, handmade goodies and Rice of course... I like all the little details because they all have there own story. If you want your house to be special and unique too, you have to find your own style. Tell your own story! Play with colours and personal details. And dare to be original just like Charlotte did.

It's raining cats, dogs and ideas

... Rain, rain, rain, for all the people who are looking forward to summer: don't be said and be inspired instead! :)

{ by Eloise Renouf }

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Localilo Copenhagen #2

Copenhagen, a city where I want to live for a while! Not to big, lot's of nice restaurant with delicious food (... please, can somebody start a Danish lunchroom in Amsterdam?), many flea markets, design shops and sweet people...

* sleep: for the first time I booked an accommodation via Airbnb. And I will do it again, such a great concept! We stayed in the Architect's spacious loft 1. Very beautiful, stylish and spacious. The loft is furnished with Danish design classics situated in a hip neighbourhood and very important: it was clean and neat. There were even fresh cherries waiting for us on the table. Frederikke, owner and a very talented curator, tv-host, author, lecturer and designer, is welcoming you with nice local tips. 

* shop: flea market at Israel plads. Not far from Norreport station in downtown Copenhagen you will find Denmark's oldest flea market. The atmosphere is friendly, very relaxed and you will find beautiful bric a brac. 

* eat: Manfred's & vin... good wine, healthy and surprising Danish dishes and served by friendly men with big beards and leather aprons. We had a perfect friday night in this cosy little place.

* visit: take the train beside the sea to the majestic modern art museum, Louisiana. One of the finest collections of contemporary art is housed in the regions most beautiful museum. A little day trip to see some more of the surroundings and get some fresh air. You can enjoy the stunning view, relax in the garden full of sculptures, have a great lunch and find yourself a nice gift in the impressive museum shop. Just a perfect day!

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