Amsterdam #7

* eat: Vinnies Deli on the Haarlemmerstraat! One of my favourite spots to stop and treat myself on a nice coffee, granola with fresh fruit, carrot cake... lunch, salads... actually on anything... it's lovely to be there and to enjoy their beautiful vintage furniture! Feels like home. Love it.

photo 1. Tripadvisor | 2. Cityzapper | 3. Meet Dada | 4. NSMBL

* dinner: Restaurant Lof. I really wonder why this restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in town. Before you know it you walk by and don't even see it. But, hidden behind the bright blue door and plants in the window is a lovely restaurant. They serve 3/4 course menu with beautiful, delicious and original food... yam!!

* pop-up: 24 Flower. A new online flower concept. Fresh flowers direct from the floriculturist ( nice word) But they pop-up too! This time on the Dijk. In the pop-up store you can choose between different qualities: First Class Fresh, then you can at least enjoy your tulips for 10 days. But if they are less fresh, you pay less as well. Different labels, different qualities. Like!

Amsterdam #6

Rushing on my bike, went very fast, but suddenly I spotted some fluor pink on my right side... All the alarm bells were ringing, I had to stop of course:)! I found a new fantastic shop, Rare Bird! Situated on the Marnixstraat / just around the corner of Willemstraat in Amsterdam ( in my hood yesss). Full of beautiful products, presents, stationary, vintage things and graphical prints. And the owner, Nancy Veeken, is a very sweet and enthusiastic person. She followed her hart, love that. Go and have a look!

{ photography Barwerd van der Plas}

Amsterdam #5

* eat: C&T's really really really nice place; a lovely bew spot in town!! Anything is possible. They are a bar, bruncherie, exhibition space, movie theatre and a party place, it's always an event. They serve really really nice cocktails, food, events and service have been deliberately tailored to discerning locals and friends. They are forever evolving and open to fun, gezelligheid, scrumptiousness and have a not-so-secret love affair with Bloody Mary’s. There motto: "Why choose one or the other, when you can have it all?" I totally agree.

* shop: Store without a home, the Haarlemmerdijk is one of my favourite streets and lucky enough to live there very nearby! So when I go for a little walk and a snif of fresh air I love to visit some shops. Like Store without a home, a quite new interior design boutique, representing international brands and talented designers. All items selected by Store Without a Home are authentic, quirky, surreal and will make your home more happy! Likey!

* do: Unseen; a photo fair with a festival flair that provides new photography the platform it deserves. It is a meeting place for young photographic talent and known photographers exhibiting new work, for galleries that focus on new developments and a global audience interested in the contemporary world of photography. If you are in Amsterdam this weekend you should definitely go and have a look!

* be local: Citinerary; a new way to discover Amsterdam! The cities we live in are changing every single minute and even faster time passes by. The time has come to change city trips by offering a cultural service: personal, customized, driven and sincere. Through a cup of coffee. With locals, holding the keys to unlock the city for you. Love this little video, it shows exactly how I love to spend my days in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam #4

* eat: Holtkamp, my favourite patisserie in town. Their ready-to-put-in-the- oven tarte tatin is very famous. Just like their delicious shrimp croquets, lemon meringues with almond shavings, florentines and pastries. It's always busy and you have to wait a bit, but it's all worth it! Everything they make is done with lot's of care and love MMM! Holtkamp is situated in a beautiful art deco shop at the Vijzelgracht.

photo }

* see: Hermitage museum, Impressionism: sensation & inspiration. I loved this exhibition showed in the beautiful historical building. I like the style of the impressionists and the fact that painters like Monet, Rodin, Pisarro and Sisley dared to be different in a time where this was not usual. Did you know that the invention of the tube ( yes the little tin tubes for paint) is one of the reasons why Impressionism started ( besides of the invention of the photography)? 

* shop: Utrechtse straat, one of my favourite shopping streets in Amsterdam. Here you find a good mix of interior, fashion and lifestyle shops. But watch out, you really want to buy everything over there! Have a look for example at Jan and buy yourself a little present, go to their neighbours, perhaps you'll find a nice dress at Bellerose, and for an inspiration BOOST you definitely must go to Maison NL, a beautiful store!

Amsterdam #3

* shop: BULLSOFSTEEL (BOS) is a collector of cool interior goods. Recently launched by Valérie and Lotte. Both girls are addicted to collect unique pieces and have an eye for authentic things that can light up your home. The BOS collection is a mix of old and new. You can inform them with the kind of interior piece you are looking for so they can keep their 'bulls-eye' on it. Their thought: buy what you like, not what you think you need. Like!!

* lunch: one of my new favourite spots in town is de Laatste Kruimel which means 'the last crumb'. A lovely little new lunch/tea room where you can eat beautiful cakes, scones, quiches and drink the most delicious lemonade with mint and ginger mmm. In the center of Amsterdam, on a spot where you wouldn't expect it!

{ photo's by Iconic.o}

* eat: Hemelse modder is a nice restaurant located in the center of Amsterdam. You should go here because they serve you beautiful fresh and home made food (you MUST taste the best chocolate mousse in town)... And ssst... please don't tell everybody, but they actually have a very cosy terrace full of flowers where you can sit on a warm summer evening.

Amsterdam #2

* eat: Beter & Leuk is a perfect easy little bistro and boutique in th east part of Amsterdam. Whether you want an expanded breakfast, enjoy a homemade carrot cake, a latte macchiato or a special high tea... all delicious and made with care. They love what they do and work with honest products. Their motto: Stop eating shit, eat good food.

* shop: Options! is a contemporary department store ( hidden between the very touristic shops on Damrak) where you can find a special mix of products; exciting designs from foreign countries to collaborations with local producers. The store is part of the Exchange hotel I told you about a while ago. Sparkling place, like like like!

* market: On the Neighbourfoodmarket young, old, fresh and hangovers meet each other where the best food in Amsterdam is collected. Anyone who loves delicious food and eating together should visit this new market in town. Neighbourfoodmarket is a platform for organic farmers, bakers, butchers, cheese makers, sausage grinders, juice pressers, soup producers. ( next market 18.3.2012 )

Amsterdam #1

* eat: Gartine, a very little lunchroom hidden in a small alley in between Kalverstraat and Spui. Here you can enjoy a perfect breakfast, brunch or high tea. Every thing they serve is grown in their own garden.

* shop: Maison NL, a new concept store on the Utrechtse straat. Here you'll find high fashion, small furniture and special gifts. A guaranteed inspiration boost.

* sleep: The exchange, a hotel with a special love of fashion. Students of the Amsterdam fashion institute dressed the ropms like models on the catwalk. The result: a hotel where architecture meets fashion. ( an initiative of Lloyd hotel.)

* visit: Sunday market, Shop till you drop and don't forget to eat some fresh goodies on this cosy creative market. The market is a platform for designers, artists and creatives. And you van find a lot of nice products like accessories, organic products, kids design and fashion.

Rio de Janeiro #1

* do: Enjoying the beautiful Ipanema beach under one of the lovely parasol's with sun faded patterns! Rio de Janeiro changed all the ugly, branded beer and icecream parasols for these beauties. It looks so pretty, great idea.

* see: You can find beautiful graffiti everywhere!! So kepp your eyes open and watch the art around you. ( I wonder why we can't have this style of graffiti in Amsterdam? Would be so much better then those ugly tags!)

* sleep/drink: Facano hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in town ( and expensive too... that's a pitty) But it's a perfect spot too to enjoy a lovely mango - maracuja cocktail on the rooftop and enjoying it's stunning view over Ipanema.

* visit: the famous ( Michael Jackson video clip) stairs in Santa Theresa! Escadaria Selaron, in the middle of no where you'll find these bright and colourful stairs covered with tiles, ceramics and mirrors. 

* eat: Restaurante Aprasivel! Delicious Brazilian food, stunning view, treehouse feeling and sweet people who are serving you, hidden in the hills of Rio. Ahh, this was really amazing!

Or go to Zaza Bistro, in Ipanema. A cosy blue painted restaurant nearby the beach. Tiles everywhere, samba music and a friendly atmosphere. Try the couscous with pineapple and mango, mmm, it is so delicious!!

For lunch you definitely should go to Confeitaria Colombo. This stunning Victorian tearoom hasn't changed much since it opened in 1894. Two large counters at the entrance serve up sweets and snacks with coffee or other refreshments. Try to book a table outside for it's stunning view on Copacabana!

Paris #1

* eat: La Duree, maybe unnecessary to say, but really.... they absolutely make the best macarons and tarte du framboise you ever had! Eat it on a good & lovely spot somewhere in Paris and your day will be fabulous.

( Oh my, the raspberries were even bigger then my thumb!!! 

And you must visit Au merveilleux de Fred... and treat yourself on the most perfect soft, crunchy, sticky meringues of this planet or their perfect puffy crunchy and chocolate 'merveilleux'. mmm...

* restaurant: eating in Paris, I love it! Just to give you some great ideas of the hundreds of possibilities: La maison mereLe train bleu, Rose bakery Marais, Hotel l'amour.

* shop: Merci, a beautiful concept store with 3 floors where you'll find pretty goodies, beautiful clothes ( unfortunately a bit expensive) a nice cafe and restaurant and where you can sniff around for hours. And because of the rain it was the perfect afternoon activity somewhere in the 3th arrondissement.

* sleep: Hotel Joyce, a lovely stylish hotel in the middle of the 9th arrondissement. Light beautiful rooms, design, free WiFi and a perfect breakfast.

* guide: GoGoparis, with this handy app on your phone you'll be as in-the-know as any Parisian about what's happening around town now. Written by a Paris-based team, the guide has a special focus on local designers, independent boutiques, small neighborhood bars and fresh new restaurants.

{Localilo: a person who likes and loves the sparkling loval life in a city.}

Tokyo #1

* park: Yoyogi park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, nearby Harajuku station. A beautiful park that turns into great colours every season again. We visited this park in spring and were treated by lovely pink clouds... and some rock & roll of course. Every weekend you can twist and shout with the Rockabillies. Japanese boys and girls dressed up in 50's style and dancing like if it's their last one.

{ photo by Joanna }

* shop: Tokyu hands; the Creative store. You might think by it's first looks it's a very boring shop where you never will find something good. But... in the meantime this is a THE über japanese shop where you'll have to walk true every aisle and level. Here you can find the most amazing things and products you never have seen before! Cute stickers, baking fun stuff, wrapping paper, stationary, funny toys, travel goodies, gifts etc... a lot of fun guaranteed!

{ photo Famille Summerbelle }

* neigbourhood: Shimokitazawa, with it's cute little streets and village feeling a little treasure in this big city, is my favourite spot in town! Here you can find numerous adorable cafes, unique fashion shops, second hand stores ( for that beautiful kimono you always wanted), lifestyle & homeware. You never want to leave again. Very popular among the hip and young people in Tokyo.

{ photo hello sandwich}

* sleep: I really can recommend Andon Ryokan in Minowa. Created for the design-minded, independent traveler on a budget. A beautiful modern design ryokan with a touch of the beautiful Japanese traditions. The rooms are very clean and simple and a perfect tasteful homemade breakfast is served every day. The english speaking local staff is very helpful and friendly, and they know the exact right places, shops and hip bars too!

{ photo Tripadvisor }

Copenhagen #1

* eat: The Royal cafe. A very quirky and lovely place where you can eat delicious Smushi! Smushi's ( created by using the two words " smorrebrod" and "sushi")  are mini Danish sandwiches in a sushi look. This cafe is a mix of food and a shop so that basically while shopping you could enjoy some coffee or food. Mmm...

* shop: Gronlykke, a lovely shop in Copenhagen, tucked back away from the main shopping street called Stroget. Two shops, next to each other, full of beautiful products, fabrics, accessories and all our favourite brands like Rie Elisen Larsen, Rice, Housdoctor, Ferm living etc. etc. A paradise!

* visit & shop: Norrebro is a cool, lively, etnically diverse and edgy neigbourhood where nice things happen! Hip cafe's, lot's of vintage fashion and a good night life. But the real reason you should go is that you can find a few great second hand shops, Antikhallen, to find yourself some Danish vintage for less. I bought this great tin :)

photo } 

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