* HEMA - Responsible for trend forecasting, designing fashion & product collections ( incl. technical drawings), placement prints, allover prints, knitwear, embroideries, check and stripes. Experienced with production, materials and techniques.

7 Years of design experience in a wide range of product groups among other:
* APPAREL: girlswear, basic wear, underwear, lingerie, kids accessories, bags, shoes, knitwear * HOMEWARE: paper goods, party goods, christmas decoration, travel goods, animal products.

* Rice summer pattern '13

* Elmex toothpaste Facebook campaign

* Centraal Museum - Studio Sjoesjoe created for Centraal Museum in Utrecht graphic illustrations on the floors, a visual narrative of the different highlights at the exhibition.

* Nurse Notebook agenda - Look & Feel / Graphic Design

Look & Feel Studio June
Look & feel Labels & Baskets
* Like Home - visual identity

 gif animator

* Illustrations for Happi.Food magazine

* Baby announcement


* HEMA Lowlands campingshop: HEMA wants to be relevant for young people at the right time. For example on festivals like Lowlands, a famous creative Dutch music festival. We created a HEMA camping store. A new little store format with 100, camping related, products and unity prices.

 * HEMA Sint & Kerst pop-up store Amsterdam. What happens when you show HEMA products in a lovely nice shop, in a hip street and with a different looklk & feel?

 * HEMA Sinterklaas pop-up store in London. Creation together with Kesselskramer

* HEMA school campaign, instore signing, movie, brochure art direction.

* Lanterfanten festival - concept, design, social media

* HEMA top 5 meest gejat Idea: Theft is a big problem – and not just for HEMA. Together with 6pack, we came up with the idea of approaching this problem in a fun way. The five most stolen articles at HEMA were temporarily discounted by 25%. 6pack and HEMA intend this to be the beginning of a sympathetic determent policy – stealing is no longer necessary.


* Studio Sjoesjoe Free Christmas gift tags

resize animated gif

* DIY Tutorial for Kixx magazine

* 101 Woonidee├źn - DIY Easter flower bottles 

* Butterflies

* Sjoesjoe illustration


* Creatiecafe - creative seasonal workshop 

* Sjoesjoe ceramics


  1. Wow, ik volg je blog al lange tijd maar klikte nu pas op de portfolio :)
    Echt super!! HEEL inspirerend!
    Xx Melanie

  2. Heel erg leuk allemaal en lekker kleurrijk en vrolijk!

  3. You are so talented. Love your work!


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